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Your Complete Guide to Disaster Restoration Services

Your Complete Guide to Disaster Restoration Services

“Tsunami Leaves Thousand Destitute”, “Hurricane Wreaks Havoc in Capital”, “Volcano Eruption Continues Unabated” – These headlines instill fear and anxiety and have a profound effect on property owners in the affected areas. Both natural and man-made disasters leave devastation and chaos in their wake. Consequently, there is a considerable rise in the demand for disaster recovery services.
What does disaster management restoration entail?
In disaster management, restoration is the process of repairing property damage caused by water, fire, flooding, hurricanes, or other disasters. These services are typically carried out by a restoration company that has been granted a state license. Services include repairing of homes, tidying up the wreckage left behind by the disaster and stopping additional damage from occurring due to debris and other factors.
In general, homeowners and property managers are not always familiar with exactly how disaster restoration services operate. People tend to run around in the aftermath of a disaster, trying to Google and figure out what the next step should be. To help people have a better understanding of the process, we have compiled this comprehensive article on everything homeowners and property managers should know.  
Various kinds of disaster services
A restoration company can provide a variety of services when it comes to dealing with a disaster. You can view our portfolio at McKinley Restoration Co. to discover how we handle them. Herewith the list:
Restoration of water damage
Water damage to residential or commercial property can occur due to different reasons. Some of these reasons are excessive rain, floods, and hurricanes. Sometimes water damage can occur due to reasons that are not related to natural disasters, like leaking pipes, general leaks, or overflows.
Water damage that is not immediately attended to, can cause long lasting property damage. These damages can range from mold growth through to serious structural damage. A restoration company makes use of cutting-edge water extraction equipment to remove extra water and fix the water related damage to your property.
Restoration of smoke and fire damage
The destruction caused by fire and smoke is unlike any other. Want to know what else? According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), property fires cause the release of about 1200 toxic gasses. This just goes to show how important it is to professionally restore property damage caused by fire. Restoration will ensure your property is restored to its pre-fire condition, through various services, techniques, and processes that restoration companies make use of.

How Experts Carry Out Fire Damage Repair

To restore your property after fire damage, here are some of the steps that fire damage experts take:
·       Removal of debris and soot to manage the smell left behind by the fire
·       A thorough cleaning process is adhered to for the affected areas
·       Malodor management (the odoriferous molecule)
·       The use of oxidizers, such as ozone generators, to seal the air space
·       Placing safety tarps, shoring and bracing techniques, and boarding up structurally damaged areas
Restoration of flood damage
Property owners are always left feeling helpless in the face of a flood disaster. Buildings damaged by storms, hurricanes or other disasters need to have the damage repaired as quickly as it’s feasibly possible. Flood restoration services include the processes to minimize flood damage and manage the health risks associated with excess water.

Once the water level recedes, repair specialists will carry out the flood damage restoration process. The experts first pump out any extra water from the structure. Thereafter they will proceed to take away the furniture and other items that cannot be repaired. Cleaning and sanitizing the building comes next, all the while assessing the property for structural damage and managing any potential safety concerns.

Restoration of storm damage
Tornados and hurricanes with their associated high winds, hails and rain can wreak havoc on properties that stand along their route. Not to mention the damages caused by the flying debris and uprooted trees. Furthermore, winter blizzards can harm properties due to their extreme winds and ice damming.
Professional and licensed restoration emergency services will provide immediate assistance to protect the property and take effective action to prevent further storm damage.

How Experts Carry Out Storm Damage Repair
Here are some of the storm damage services that a licensed restoration company, like McKinley Restoration Co. offers:
·       Immediate emergency boarding up services
·       Providing crucial flood and wind services
·       Tarp installation and providing shrink wrap services
·       Erecting boundary barriers
Professionals in disaster restoration take all these precautions and more, to preserve property both during and in the aftermath of a storm, hurricane, or tornado.

Restoration and remediation of mold damaged property
Buildings that have experienced water damage or have been exposed to excessive moisture are vulnerable to the danger of mold development. Although there are a large variety of mold types, almost all of them can present a health hazard to people who live in the property. Mold causes poor air quality and can lead to illness.

Mold removal and remediation requires much more than simply using bleach and washing powder to clean the afflicted area. A professional removal plan created by a restoration company’s mold damage and remediation experts, is required for effective mold removal.
Detailed procedure for disaster restoration services
Homeowners and property managers may be anxious and overwhelmed immediately following a disaster. They may worry about where to start or whom to contact. This detailed procedural guide will describe the disaster recovery plan step by step to help with taking the first steps necessary.
The first step for homeowners or property managers to take following a storm, flood or fire, is to contact their insurance agent or insurance broker.
The insurance representative will advise them on the claims procedure and give them details on restoration services affiliated with them or a restoration company that is on emergency stand-by.
Regardless of whether the insurance representative makes first contact with a restoration company, the client will be the homeowner or the property manager.
On arrival, the appointed restoration team will perform a complete site inspection. They will discuss and advise on cleaning and structural restoration needed.
The client has the final say, although the representative claim agent may give their advice on the cleaning requirements and cleaning process.
The restoration claim agent will give their client an estimate for the services required, on completion of the comprehensive site inspection. The various services required, labor hours and the total cost will be outlined.
After the client reads and completes the contract negotiations, it needs to be accepted and signed. Restoration services can only commence once both parties agree to the terms and costs involved.

The restoration company will begin carrying out the damage restoration and cleanup process in accordance with the contract terms, as soon as the paperwork has been completed.

The client will be given an invoice, after the company that performed the services has fulfilled their contractual commitments. The client is responsible for making sure which services are and are not covered by their insurance policy. The client needs to make payment for any shortfalls, if applicable.
Payment to the restoration company falls due on completion of the work, or within the timeframe as stipulated in the contract or on the invoice.

Mother Nature can be very unpredictable when it comes to natural disasters. It is always better to be prepared for any eventuality, whether it involves Mother Nature or even due to other damage-causing factors. Don’t be blindsided by unpredictable disasters, rather hire a disaster management expert to clean up, restore and professionally handle a worst case scenario situation.

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