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When fire damage combines with water damage to a property in certain situations, your best bet is to contact an emergency professional restoration company near me in Chicago capable of handling your situation. McKinley is capable of assisting with both fire and water damage in order to completely restore your home or business to its previous state.
No matter if it occurs in your business or home, a fire may cause great devastation.  Although the flames and heat cause a great amount of damage, its after-effects like ash, odor, soot, and dangerous debris on the property, if not treated right away, could cause discoloration to the surface and even damage your equipment.  Significant water damage may incur from any water damage resulting from firefighters’ efforts in putting the fire out.

Post-Fire Water Damage and its Hidden Dangers
Once the flames are put out. Several other issues must be addressed after a fire has occurred.  In order to fight the flames, fire fighters utilize large quantities of water, the outcome of which is property water damage such as dangerous mold growth, saturation, and sogginess.
Expert water damage cleanup services should prevent saturation or sogginess from taking over. These are both issues that may have major effects as they can threaten records, essential documents, interior furnishings, building structures, and various other items. Widespread post-fire water damage could additionally compromise a building’s structural integrity.
Mold growth is a major concern when it comes to property water damage. Mold may begin growing on premises with water damaged in just 24 hours and must be treated right away. Although every type of mold is not necessarily toxic, black mold is a type in which incredibly dangerous spores are released into the air. Such spores may cause severe respiratory issues, headaches, and nausea in people that work in areas that have been deeply affected by the growth of mold. Due to chronic moisture exposure, mold can affect building materials and even trigger structural damage to a building.

After a fire, commercial buildings with numerous floors of office space may also suffer vast post-fire water damage too. For example, any surplus water may run over, encountering a route for escape that may take it through floors, elevators, staircases, and ventilation units. As running water empties into ventilation ducts, it may end up pouring out onto a variety of office equipment. If water flows into elevators, it may cause short circuits in the elevator buttons.
Reach out to professionals in the fire and water damage restoration Chicago residents prefer here at McKinley in order to prevent any major post-fire water damage effects after a fire from affecting your business or home. We provide a varied selection of services in water damage restoration that can handle both cosmetic restorations and the remediation of physical damage. If you have been the victim of a fire emergency accompanied by water damage, reach out to us and we can assist you in returning to normal as quickly as possible.