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How Experts Carry Out Fire Damage Repair

August 13, 2022Category : Blog
How Experts Carry Out Fire Damage Repair

Fire may cause mass destruction. Once a fire breaks out, it will destroy a property indiscriminately with mercy for no one and nothing. Putting out a fire as soon as possible is a crucial step towards reducing damages to both lives and property.

The step that is second most important is beginning fire damage restoration. A fire restoration company can evaluate any damage and restore your property’s appearance.

Read below to discover the manner in which professionals take care of fire damage repair.

Getting started with fire damage cleanup differs from regular post party cleanup. You can’t simply grab a broom and start sweeping or gran a garbage bag and toss items in.

Assessment and careful planning are required prior to beginning fire damage restoration. Once a fire has destroyed a property, thorough assessment is required. Professionals are well aware of what they should look for and where they should look for it.

Properties are evaluated for the magnitude of damage, specifically checking for the intrusion of water. Investigation into the scope of the fire’s penetration into a house’s structure is a must. Additionally, property’s contents are evaluated in order to determine which items are kept and which are discarded.

This allows a professional fire restoration company to formulate a plan for returning your property to its previous glory. Through this evaluation, we are able to provide you with a cost estimate for your restoration.

Removal of Debris and Securing the Property
Once the work scope is determined, the property must be secured. To make sure no uninformed or unauthorized party wanders in and potentially hurts themselves or damages a property further, it is important to fence the perimeter.

The fence also serves to provide the fire remediation team with a non-crowded space in which to work. The next step is securing and removing any fire debris.
At the same time, areas of the house are sealed off from the outside elements. To protect the house’s interior, it is important to cover the roof.

Prevention of Additional Damage
Mold and corrosion are among the major problems caused by fires. For this reason it is important to remove any water from the property and dry the space completely prior to moving on. Any personal items must be removed.

Damaged flooring and drywall must be stripped if the extent of their damage is dire. These steps are taken to restore the structural integrity of a property.

When necessary, certain spaces on the property that may appear intact on the surface may require demolition in order to maintain the house’s overall safety.

Initiating the Cleaning Process
The cleanup is the most comprehensive part of the smoke and damage restoration process. Manual labor is key in this process, not even professionals rely exclusively on machines during this project phase.

This execution requires meticulous attention to detail. Every area in a property is thoroughly swept and remedied. The deodorizing process immediately follows the cleanup. Various smoke odors may have impermeated the home and this removes them.

Next up is sanitation, obtaining the best results through utilizing antimicrobial chemicals. Ducts cannot be neglected, they are checked for soot and cleaned thoroughly.


The process’s final step is attempting to restore a property to its former condition. Various construction processes are initiated to restore different areas on a property.

The flooring, drywall, electrical wiring, and roof are a few elements of the property that will be addressed. Depending on the extent of the damage, this phase of the restoration process will take quite a bit of time.

Still, house normalcy may be visible to a property owner at this stage, as most signs of fire damage have already been erased. Once everything has been rebuilt, fixtures and furniture can be installed in the home, providing that attractive final look.

Although fire can destroy more than only property, this does not mean you can not bounce back after such a tragedy. Wondering, “Is there a restoration company near me who can help?” The answer is yes, our fire damage restoration services will be here waiting to help you.

Make sure you only contact professionals in order to obtain the best possible results in terms of proper repair and restoration of your property and home. Reach out to us at McKinley Restoration Co now and discover the ways we can help you.