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August 13, 2022Category : Blog

Disaster that damages property may occur at any moment during the year. Tropical storms and hurricanes annually cause billions of dollars in property damage. Additionally, your business or home can be destroyed in an instant by fires from faulty wiring or flooding from roof leaks and pipe bursts.

Fire and water damage can disrupt your life completely. Once a disaster has occurred, you may ask yourself, “What restoration company near me is trustworthy enough to fix my property and reduce my anxiety?” The leading local remodeling and restoration company, McKinley Restoration Co, can clean the damages and restore your space to its previous condition in no time.

What exactly is a Restoration Company?
Among the first to respond to any disaster, restoration companies will first secure your property, then clean it all up, followed by the elimination of property and health hazards.

Any proper full-service restoration company will provide the services below:

Cleanup of Water and Removal of Mold
A major percentage of natural disasters is caused by flooding. A qualified restoration company will first remove any standing water, then they’ll completely dry your property, followed by thorough sanitizing, then repair of any areas with water damage.

Mold growth may be triggered by water damage in fewer than 48 hours. A knowledgeable, experienced restoration company can identify the mold and remove it prior to any opportunity to damage furniture, floors, ceilings, and walls or to cause any health issues.

Fire Restoration
Many properties are annually damaged by fire. Once firefighters have left the scene, most buildings have smoke, water, and fire damage. Restoration service can immediately board your building up in order to provide protection from further damage or theft and begin cleanup work.

A skilled restoration company like McKinley Restoration Co will be in direct contact with your insurance provider to work with them as best possible. We will save you the hassle of dealing with insurers regarding estimated costs and approval by taking care of it for you. We will remove smoke and soot, repair and restore any areas with fire damage, and eliminate water and mold.

How Can You Select the Correct Restoration Company?
The wakes of a disaster may bring frustration, confusion, and fear. You might find yourself hiring any restoration company your insurance company recommends just to move forward. But, you are not at all obligated to choose the disaster restoration services your insurer recommends.

The three pillars of a respected and reliable restoration company involve:
1. Local, licensed, and experienced: Once a natural disaster has occurred, the state is inundated with companies that claim to possess proper experience in restoration. Hiring a local company with vast area experience as well as positive local client referrals is best. Any company you choose should have complete licensing and certification to prove that they comply with restoration service requirements.

2. Impeccable customer service: In moments of great stress, collaborating with a service provider who is compassionate is essential. They can give you an overview of your options, assist you in encountering temporary housing, and manage any communications with your insurance company. Check out the customer reviews of a company first. McKinley Restoration Co has many 5-star reviews from our satisfied customers.

3. IICRC Certified: As the leading governing body in the restoration industry, IICRC provides certification that means a company has successfully completed demanding training as well as testing, providing top quality cleaning and restoration services.

If you are affected by a disaster, rely on our team to repair any damages.
McKinley Restoration Co is locally owned and operated, serving the remodeling and restoration needs of the community. We are devoted to both quality work and customer service making us one of the country’s fastest-growing companies.

We are both IICRC certified and licensed to take action with emergency 24/7 service in any disaster situation. After a crisis, rely on the compassionate and experienced professionals at McKinley Restoration Co to handle your property. Contact us for quick service.