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Creating a Response Plan for your Business.

Creating a Response Plan for your Business.

Having a disaster response plan in case of an emergency can save lives and prevent further damage. McKinley Restoration Company Chicago can help you create a response plan for your business and staff. The first few moments after a disaster are critical, and your team should all know the appropriate steps and actions to be taken. If there is a flood or fire, do you know the phone numbers of the first responders, and are they readily available to all staff members? What actions should you immediately take? Do you know which restoration company is near your business? If your team is prepared, it could save lives and your property from further damage.

McKinley Restoration Company Chicago is a damage restoration company specializing in restoration and can design a disaster plan and evacuation route for your staff in an emergency. We will initially thoroughly inspect and check through your building for any potential hazards and problems that may impede your team from safely getting out of the building and suggest some remedial actions if need be. Our restoration company Chicago will keep a copy of your action plan as well as the layout and plans of your building. It would be helpful to supply copies to the first responders in your Chicago area. This can be immensely helpful if you should ever need their help and will save critical time when you need it most.
By identifying risks such as hurricanes, wildfires, and floods, McKinley Restoration Company Chicago can put a plan together for your business. Some essential facts need to be included in the action plan, and it should be made accessible to all staff members as well as being posted publicly.

  • Evacuation routes and procedures
  • A meeting spot
  • Contact numbers for first responders
  • Lockdown procedures
  • Who is in charge of what during a disaster
  • How will you all communicate

Being prepared is the best way to protect your business and staff from disasters. Annual safety inspections and preventive actions on your site are crucial to everyone’s wellbeing and can lessen the damage during an unforeseen disaster. McKinley Restoration Company Chicago is a professional restoration company Chicago and is happy to help with annual safety inspections and keeping your action plans current and updated. Give our customer service a call today.