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If you have decided that it is time to update and renovate your current commercial building, give our commercial building contractor in Chicago a call today. Having an experienced person who is familiar with such restorations is the first step towards a successful outcome. Here are some tips for you to think about before you begin.

1. Identify your goals
What exactly do you want to achieve by this renovation, and how will you maximize your new space’s value? Why is now the appropriate time to renovate? 

2. Hire qualified contractors
A professional, legitimate restoration company Chicago hires licensed, qualified contractors who are insured and bonded to protect you, the customer, from injury claims.

3. Familiarize yourself with common problems
There are some problems that are common to most commercial building restorations in Chicago. Most remodeling teams are experienced and can spot some issues in the initial inspection. 

4. Have a contingency budget
Surprises happen, and you want to ensure your budget can handle unforeseen circumstances. It is wise to have an extra financial cushion should you encounter additional unexpected expenses that allow your project to continue without delays.

5. Create a realistic schedule
The project manager on your restoration company team should keep you up to date on progress and problems that could cause delays. Creating a realistic schedule and keeping to it can make all the difference to having a smooth and timely restoration.

6. Find economic incentives
Often local governments will offer financing incentives or tax breaks to restore century buildings or historic commercial properties. Added funds can help give your restoration an additional boost for purchasing quality materials and having other employees.

7. Take advantage of your building’s assets
Building on your property’s current assets can help you achieve a higher quality renovation in a shorter time period. Identifying strengths and weaknesses will give you a clear idea of what is needed to improve your commercial building.

8. Focus on sustainability
Saving energy is a large part of our focus for the sustainability and survival of our planet. Energy-efficient systems such as cooling and heating, good quality windows and doors, and efficient and eco-friendly lighting fixtures and fittings all contribute to a happy world.

9. Increase attractiveness
Refreshing the exterior of your building with new signage, repainting, and an attractive garden invites passersby into your commercial space and says you are open and ready for business.

Our experienced and knowledgeable teams are ready to work for you, bringing your commercial building in Chicago up to date and prepared for new business adventures. Contact us at: